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Khandwa (खंडवा) is a town in the Nimaad (commonly and unphonetically written as Nimar by the local people) region of Madhya Pradesh, an Administrative State in central India. It is the administrative headquarters of Khandwa District, formerly known as East Nimar District.

Khandwa is an ancient town, with many places of worship, like many other towns in India. Mostly they are Hindu and Jain temples. During the 12th century AD. it was a center of Jainism. During British rule, it passed nearby Burhanpur (now a separate district) as the main commercial centre of the Nimaad region. Khandwa is a major railway junction, where the Malwa line connecting Indore with the Deccan meets the main east-west line from Mumbai to Kolkata.

It is the birth place of famous Bollywood singer Kishore Kumar Gangopadhyay. It is also famous for being the birth place of present-day Bollywood singer Shaan (singer). Apart from these, Khandwa is also famous for its local saint known nationally Dada Dhuniwaale, who took his last breath here. Famous Hindu temples at Omkareshwar and Jain temples at Siddhawarkoot are about 60 km away in Khandwa district.

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Important Notice - Do not mix the description of Khandwa District with Khandwa Town.

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  • "Ganguly-House" ancestral house of Great Singer Late Kishore Kumar., kantilalkb wrote 2 months ago:
    Great Home Of Late Ashok Kumar (Dada Muni), Anup Kumar & Kishore Kumar. This home is popularly and historical meant for Great Kumar's family i.e. all the three great Ganguli brothers.
  • kanugo house, amit (guest) wrote 7 months ago:
    jai shree krishna
  • mahesh pan sadan, vijay (guest) wrote 7 months ago:
    good pan shop in khandwa
  • Pankaj sharma's House, have fun (guest) wrote 9 months ago:
    pooja sharma kaha hai
  • Sankalp Singh,Alok Sadan,24 Rama Colony., Subodh Barve (guest) wrote 9 months ago:
    Sankalp Singh ke usake ghar ke samane rahane wali Shraddha Soni, Anshika Chourey our usaki choti bahan ke sharirik sambandh rah chuke hai our ye sab apas me sex tak kar chuke hai kyonki mera bhatija jisaka naam Himanshu Barve hai ek bahut hi sharif our bal brahmchari hai ko in londo lapadiyno ne jhutha badnaam kar diya hai. Subodh Barve Rama Colony me rahane wale ek sajjan our pratishthit poorush.
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